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Are you “medically stable” enough to travel?

When you travel out of province or out of Canada, your coverage is for:

  • Immediate medical treatment of a sudden, unexpected injury or a new medical condition

  • A specific medical problem or chronic condition that was diagnosed, but “medically stable” prior to departure

For medical emergencies related to pregnancy, you have coverage for an unforeseen emergency if travel is completed at least four weeks before your due date, and you were medically stable prior to departure.

NOTE: A claim could be denied if there were complications in the 90 days before departure. 

Medically stable: In the 90 days before your departure, you or your eligible family member/dependant has not:

  • been treated or tested for any new symptoms or conditions or illnesses

  • had an increase or worsening of any existing symptoms

  • had any new test results showing your condition or illness has worsened

  • changed treatments or medications, unless it was because your condition or illness got better

  • been admitted to or treated at a hospital for the medical condition or illness

  • planned any non-routine appointments, further health investigations/tests or future treatments 

Based on the medical evidence and the support of the attending physician, the emergency medical assistance provider will determine when a medical emergency ends and the patient is stable enough to return home for any ongoing or follow-up treatment. If the patient decides to remain on vacation and does not return to their province of residence, any charges incurred for a reoccurrence, complications or ongoing/follow-up treatment will not be covered.
Questions? You can contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

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