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Comparing an insurance broker to a direct writer – and what makes OTIP different

When shopping for insurance it’s not only important to understand the coverage you’re looking for, but also your options for where to purchase your insurance. The two most popular options are direct writers and brokers, and understanding their differences may impact your decision when purchasing a policy.

What is a direct writer?
A direct writer offers policies from a single insurance provider. The agents that sell for a direct writer are limited in the options that they can provide you with the coverages that their company offers. Direct writers promote their ability to provide lower cost offerings and a quicker and streamlined service since they are only dealing with their policies. As you are dealing directly with an insurance provider, you may not always speak with the same agent or representative when service is needed, and the options to find or change coverage may not always be available from the same provider.

What is an insurance broker?
Insurance brokers have access to several providers and can shop around to find you the best coverage and value for your policy. This allows a broker to continuously look for the best option for you, including when your policy renews each year. You aren’t stuck with the same insurance provider – if your premium goes up or you’re looking to make a change in coverage - your broker will do the research and make a recommendation that makes the most sense.

What makes OTIP different as a broker?
Over 40 years of experience providing insurance to the Ontario education community has given us the opportunity to learn and grow with our members and understand their unique needs. Our highly trained brokers will take the time to walk you through your coverage options, and they do not work on commission, ensuring that we are providing unbiased advice and the best possible service.

With access to a wide variety of insurance providers, we can find coverage for just about anything you need at the best possible price.

We support our members throughout the entire process, including pre- and post-purchase service, and in the event of an accident, our members also have access to our exclusive claims team, Curo Claims, 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you’re shopping for insurance, contact an OTIP insurance broker today at 1-866-561-5559 to experience the benefits of working with an insurance broker for yourself.

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