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Health benefits of travel and deluxe insurance

If you thought travelling was just for fun, think again. Research shows that travelling is highly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Research from the Framingham Heart Study shows that those who did not vacation regularly had a higher risk of heart attack or disease. Men who did not take time off and travel for more than three years were 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack compared to men who travel frequently. Women who travelled less than once per year were eight times more likely to develop or suffer from a heart attack or disease compared to those who took vacation at least twice annually.1

Travel can also reduce stress and depression and heighten positive emotions. Taking time for yourself to recharge your battery can lower your stress level and even increase sleep. A good vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days upon your return to everyday life for up to five weeks.2  Vacations really are the gift that keep on giving.

Taking a vacation, even for a few days, and getting away from the stresses of everyday life can also boost your happiness. A Cornell University study found that the anticipation of planning a trip is higher than the anticipation of obtaining a physical object.3 Once at your destination, discovering new things at new places intensifies your focus and ultimately boosts your endorphin levels. Although looked at by many as a luxury, making travel a priority is key to avoiding burn-out.

When preparing to travel, as an RTIP/ARM member, you can rest assured that RTIP/ARM deluxe travel insurance is included in all RTIP/ARM plans at no additional cost. Our deluxe travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage including emergency medical treatments up to $2 million per person, per trip when travelling outside your province of residence.

With each RTIP/ARM plan, the deluxe travel insurance also includes up to $6,000 of coverage per person for trip cancellation and/or trip interruption. To find out everything included in RTIP/ARM deluxe travel insurance, please visit the RTIP/ARM Travel webpage.


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