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Submitting a claim for orthopaedic shoes

To be reimbursed for eligible claims for orthopaedic shoes, be sure to complete and sign the Extended Health Benefits Claim form and include the information listed below.

From your physician:

1. The diagnosis of a medical condition and a prescription for shoes or boots as treatment for that medical condition

From the supplier of the footwear:

2. The name of the manufacturer, and the model name and/or number of the shoes or boots

3. Details if the shoes or boots:

  • are attached to or part of a brace, or
  • have been altered/adjusted by the supplier for the specific medical needs of the wearer, including a description of the alterations

4. Details of all costs, with costs for the footwear shown separately from costs for any alterations to them

5. The date the shoes or boots were picked up from the supplier

6. The original sales receipt showing the date and method of payment

To avoid delays in processing your claim and reimbursement, please provide all of the information listed above. You are responsible for all costs to get this information.

Contact us before you buy

We recommend that you contact OTIP Benefits Services before you buy orthopaedic shoes or boots.

When you have a physician’s diagnosis, you will need a chiropodist, pedorthist or podiatrist to recommend a shoe.

When you have the information items #2, 3 and 4 from the list above for the recommended footwear, you can contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847 or mail the diagnosis, footwear information and the completed Extended Health Care Claim form to the mailing address on the form. Based on the information received, we can advise if the shoes or boots will be eligible under your benefits plan.

NOTE: These requirements do not apply to claims for custom-made shoes.

This summary has been prepared for information purposes only. The exact terms and conditions of your benefits coverage can be found in your benefits booklet. Please log in to OTIP secure member site and click on My Claims to access your benefits booklet.

Need more information? Please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.


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