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Travelling this summer? Make sure you have the coverage you need.

With summer vacation approaching, you may be planning a trip out of province or out of country in the coming months. It’s important that you review your travel coverage in advance to ensure you and your eligible dependants are prepared in case of an emergency.  

Important resources

  • OTIP Group Benefits Travel page: Find information on your coverage, emergency contact numbers, assistance with planning your trip, and more.

  • Benefits booklet: Check the travel section of your benefits booklet for details and limits on your emergency medical service coverage. Emergency out-of-province/country coverage is included under your ELHT health plan.

  • Travel FAQs: In our Help Centre, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions on coverage, emergencies, proof of insurance and other important travel considerations.

  • Your benefits card: In the event of a medical emergency while travelling outside your province of residence, please call the toll-free numbers listed on your benefits card. You will need your Plan Contract and Member Certificate numbers, also listed on your benefits card, to confirm that you are covered for emergency travel assistance.

  • Extended travel coverage: Your ELHT emergency out-of-province/country plan covers you and your eligible dependants for up to 60 days per trip. If you are intending to be away for longer than 60 days and would like to purchase extended coverage or add-ons that pick up where your group coverage leaves off, consider using OTIP’s partner, 21st Century Travel.

Important notes 

  • Your ELHT plan does not have trip cancellation insurance. 

  • OTIP cannot guarantee coverage in advance of travelling. If you are concerned about coverage, we recommend you speak with your treating medical physician(s) about whether you are medically stable prior to travelling.

If you have additional questions about your travel coverage, please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

Safe and happy travels!

  News and Updates