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Travel insurance tips that may not always be top of mind

During vacation, the last thing you’re thinking about is what could go wrong and how you can plan ahead with travel coverage. But when things arise, it’s important to understand your coverage and what to do in an emergency, aside from the basics.

Know before you go

Do I need to collect receipts obtained from a travel emergency or any travel insurance use?
If you need to pay upfront for services or prescription drugs, be sure to ask for an itemized bill from the service provider and detailed physician’s notes including an assessment of your medical condition whenever possible.
If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses, you can submit your claims to OTIP Travel Assistance (CanAssistance) in one of two ways:

Note: Make sure you tell OTIP Travel Assistance about all the travel coverage you have when submitting claims. Claims must be submitted together with supporting original receipts to OTIP Travel Assistance.

What is “medically stable”?
In the 90 days before your departure, you, or your eligible family member/ dependent has not:

  • been treated or tested for any new symptoms or conditions or illnesses.

  • had an increase or worsening of any existing symptoms.

  • had any new test results showing your condition or illness has worsened.

  • changed treatments or medications unless it was because your condition or illness got better.

  • been admitted to or treated at a hospital for a medical condition or illness.

  • planned any non-routine appointments, further health investigations/tests or future treatments.

What happens if I can’t reach OTIP Travel Assistance within 48 hours before commencing treatment?
If it is medically impossible for the covered person to call before obtaining emergency treatment, it is important to have someone (family member, caregiver, friend, etc.) call OTIP Travel Assistance on the covered person’s behalf within 48 hours and alert them of the treatment. If possible, please ensure the individual calling has your RTIP ID handy.

Do I need extra travel coverage for my upcoming trip?
Consider extra coverage if you want to increase the number of days out-of-province/out-of-country over the 95-day limit.

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Your RTIP travel coverage
For more information on your travel coverage, please visit or follow the steps below to view your contract for a detailed list of your travel coverage.

  • Visit
  • Click the Login button at the top of the webpage
  • Select RTIP (for retired members) from the drop-down menu to log in and view your contract.

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