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Group Disability

Disability insurance is one of your most valuable group benefits. It protects your earning ability, which could be your most important asset. If you are unable to work because of illness or injury, you can count on us for timely decisions, practical, caring support and assistance throughout any claims appeal process.

Your group benefits plan is customized to provide the disability coverage you need, as cost-effectively as possible. In most instances, during the qualifying period and the following 24 months, you are considered disabled if, because of illness or injury, you are unable to perform the significant duties of your specific assignment. After this 24-month period, you are considered disabled if, because of illness or injury, you are unable to be gainfully employed.

For complete details about your plan, please log in to our secure self-service portal and refer to your plan contract.

Making a claim

Valued extras

Your LTD benefits include a number of valuable features, at no additional cost to you.

Carepath is a cancer assistance program backed by oncology physicians that provides medical and emotional support to plan members and their families after a cancer diagnosis.

CPP appeal services
If your CPP disability claim has been denied or terminated, an OTIP disability claims consultant can assist you with your appeal.

Early Intervention
Early Intervention is a confidential support program, offered at no cost through your LTD plan, that provides support and assistance to help prevent or shorten the duration of an LTD claim. Your participation does not affect a future LTD claim submission, premium or any matters related to your plan.

Rehabilitation services
You want to get back to the job you love, and we want to help you. A professional OTIP Rehabilitation Consultant (RC) in your area will work with you to develop a return-to-work plan that fits your needs.

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