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Registering for the RTIP plan member secure site

If you are logging into the RTIP plan member secure site for the first time, select ‘Register your account’.


Step One: Register Your Account

  1. Enter your plan member ID number.

  2. Enter your date of birth.

  3. Enter the number of other people (dependents) on your plan.

  4. Enter the date of birth of one of your dependents.

  5. Click “Next”.


Step Two: Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Click the box to have a code sent to your email address.  (If you do not see an email with this code, please check your spam and junk mail folders).
  2. You can select “Skip for Now” if decide not to register for two-factor authentication.


Step Three: Stay “In the know”

  1. Enter your preferred email address.
  2. Enter your mobile number.



Step Four: Direct Deposit for Claims Payments

  1. Enter the transit number, bank number and account number into the fields provided exactly as each appears on one of your cheques.  Please note, it must be a Canadian bank account.

    • You can choose “Skip for Now” if you don’t have your information at the time of registration.  To enter claims online, you will need to have this information entered.

  2. Click “Next”.


Step Five: Security Questions

  1. Select a security question from the drop down.

  2. Type your answer.

  3. Repeat process until you have created three security questions and answers.

  • It’s important that you answer all three questions, or the registration will be unsuccessful.


Step Six: Create Your Username

  1. Create a unique username.
  2. Click “Next”.


Step Seven: Create Your Password

  1. Create a unique password.
  2. Re-enter your password.
  3. Click “Complete Registration”.


Step Eight: Terms and Conditions

  1. Review terms and conditions.

  2. Click “Accept”.

Your registration process should now be complete.

Please remember:

  • All three security questions must be answered before selecting ‘All done’
  • Depending on certain device settings, the third question might not appear right away, please ensure you are scrolling down to see all three questions
  • Locked out? You can unlock your account yourself through the site. You will need to know your username and the answers to the security questions. If it is not working, then likely the registration did not work, and you will need to register again. 
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