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Manage your mental health

Why do so many of us avoid our mental health, even when we need support?
Starling Minds has created an accessible digital program to help you manage stress, anxiety, burnout and depression - no matter what your day looks like.

Feeling stressed? Learn how stress effects the body and ways to better manage your  stress.

Unsure of what your feelings mean? Explore how to manage and identify your moods.

Struggling to track progress? Let Starling Minds be your personal, digital journal to track your journey.

Starling Minds can provide you with unique training sessions and tools to improve your mental fitness, no matter where you are or how your feelings change.

All OTIP members, including RTIP, Home, Auto, and Life Insurance customers have complimentary access to this program!

Ready to get started? Here are your access codes:

  • OTIP members/customers: member
  • Eligible family members: familymember


Mental Health Resources

Looking for services, tools or resources? We’ve put together a list of resources to help connect you with the resources you need.

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