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Your T4A Questions Answered

For those who are eligible, your 2022 T4A tax slip is now available online! Visit your plan member login to access you T4A at any time until May 31, 2023.

Didn’t make the switch to an online slip or no longer have access to your plan member login? Your T4A will be mailed by February 28, 2023.

Still have T4A related questions? Here are some of the most popular questions that members ask about:

Am I eligible for a T4A?

Members whose funded Basic Life and/or Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) premiums accumulated to more than $25 in the year will be issued a T4A tax slip. If the member's premium is under $25 for the year, they are not eligible for a T4A.

New hires or those who pay 100% of their life benefits in the entire tax year (2022) will not be issued a T4A.

​I have moved to a new home. What if the address on my T4A slip is incorrect?

You can still use the amounts on the T4A slip with your previous address for your tax return.

My family status has changed. How do I change my coverage?

If your family status has changed due to a life event, you may be eligible to enrol or change your benefits coverage. Follow these stepsMy family status has changed. How do I add a dependant? How do I change my coverage?

Important reminders:

  • If your full-time equivalent (FTE) status has changed, you have 31 days to change your coverage (e.g. if your FTE increases from 0.5 to 0.6, 0.8 to 1.0, etc.).

  • If you are on leave or going on a leave, please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847 to find out if you are eligible to continue or suspend your coverage during your leave.

  • If you choose to stop your benefits coverage during your leave, you will not be able to reinstate it until you return to work.

Other T4A FAQs


How do I switch to online access for my T4A tax slip?


  • Click on the Log in button.

  • Select Health and Dental from the drop-down menu and log in.

  • Click Security Settings

  • Click on the arrow next to Change T4A Slip Delivery Preference.

  • Choose Yes, I’d like to access my T4A slip online and click on Save Preference.


How can I get my T4A slip?


You can get your T4A slip securely online through OTIP's plan member secure site from the end of February to May 31. After May 31, you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency to access your T4A slip. 
If you have not consented or have no access to OTIP’s plan member secure site, you will get your T4A slip in the mail via Canada Post. We will send the T4A slip to the address OTIP has received from your school board. 
Did you know? You can change your delivery preference at any time in your Security Settings. Log on to OTIP’s secure member site to make this change. 


How can I view my T4A slip?


The T4A slip will be available online from the end of February to May 31. Log on to OTIP’s plan member secure site and you will be able to access your T4A slip. 
After May 31, you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency  to access your T4A slip. 


I no longer have access to my plan member login (due to retirement, leave, termination, etc). How will I access my T4A slip as I won’t be able to access OTIP’s secure member site?


If you no longer have access to your plan member secure site, you will be mailed a physical copy of your T4A tax slip via Canada Post by February 28, 2023. 


I am an RTIP member. Will I receive a T4A slip?


No, you will not get a T4A slip from OTIP.

If you have health and/or dental insurance with RTIP (Retired Teachers Insurance Plan), you will get a receipt for the amount of insurance premiums that you paid in this tax year. You can expect this receipt by the end of February.


What is the difference between a T4 and T4A slip?


Canada’s tax year runs January 1 to December 31. Year-end slips (including T4A forms) are sent to taxpayers/members by February 28 each year.
T4 slip: statement of employment income for the tax year. This is issued by your school board/employer.
T4A slip: statement of pension and benefits (e.g. Basic Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment). This is issued by OTIP, the plan administrator of your Employee Life and Health Trust Benefits Plan.
If the Basic Life, Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Supplemental Life and Supplemental AD&D (if applicable) benefits are paid for by your Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT), you will get a T4A slip for these taxable benefits. Prior to 2017, these amounts would have been reported to you on your T4 slip from your school board/employer as a taxable benefit.
These taxable benefit amounts were calculated based on the premiums paid by your ELHT for the tax year (January to December).
NOTE: The OTIP T4A slip will not include pension.

If you are a Quebec resident, we will send you a letter with information on the health and dental premiums for Revenu Quebec’s tax requirements.


If I live in Quebec, what else will I get from OTIP for my taxable benefits?


If you lived in Quebec in the current tax year, you will also get a letter from OTIP with amounts for any funded health and dental benefits. You will need to report this with your taxable income.


I would like to get T4A slips from previous tax years.


You can visit the Canada Revenue Agency  to access T4A slips from previous tax years. 


What if my SIN is incorrect or missing from my T4A slip?


If the Social Insurance Number (SIN) on your T4A slip is incorrect, please contact your school board/employer and OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

A new T4A slip will be issued to you.

It is important to have this error corrected as an incorrect SIN can affect your future Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits. As well, this can impact your Registered Pension Plan (RPP) and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions now and in the future. 

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