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Thinking about buying winter tires? Here’s what you need to know.

Thinking about buying winter tires? Here’s what you need to know. Winter tires improve handling and overall traction in snowy, icy and slushy conditions and reduce the likelihood of collisions. They can even reduce braking distances by up to 25%! Their wider tread and softer rubber are designed to eject snow and ice and prevent skidding on the frozen roads.

When shopping for winter tires, here are a few things to remember:

  • Check for a logo of a peaked mountain with a snowflake. This is how you differentiate winter tires from regular all-season tires. 
  • Consider the severity of weather in your area. If you get a lot of snow and ice, be sure to get tires that can handle those conditions. 
  • Purchase and install your winter tires in sets of four. Many retailers offer discounts for buying a set of four tires.
  • Change your tires as soon as you need to. You can check how worn your tires are from the tread-wear indicators. 
  • Do not mix tires of different sizes or treads. This can create unsafe driving conditions. 
  • Check the air pressure on your tires frequently. Not only does this help with the overall safety of your vehicle, it also optimizes fuel efficiency!

It’s also important to switch out your winter tires when the seasons change. Winter tires are not well suited to warmer weather conditions and they will wear much quicker. If you are diligent about changing your tires, they can last up to five years.

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