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A tree fell on my car. Is this covered by my car or home insurance policy?

Trees are beautiful and provide the oxygen our planet needs. However, it can be hard to appreciate that beauty if you come home and find that one has fallen on your car. If this happens to you, you might ask yourself, “Which insurance policy will cover this – my home insurance or car insurance? And does it make a difference if the tree belongs to me or my neighbour?”  

If your tree falls on your car, the comprehensive coverage of your car insurance policy will apply in most cases since the tree hit your car, instead of your car hitting the tree. If your tree falls on your neighbour’s car, your neighbour’s car insurance should pay the claim if your neighbour carries comprehensive coverage. If your neighbour’s tree falls on your car, your comprehensive coverage applies. Generally, the owner of the tree is not responsible.  

Comprehensive coverage is an add-on to your car insurance policy that protects against any incident which would not be classified as a collision with another vehicle or an object. Comprehensive coverage will cover damages to your vehicle less your comprehensive deductible. 

If the tree in question belongs to your neighbour, it could be possible to obtain some help with the cost of repairs or replacement from their home insurance policy. If you have previously made them aware of the danger of the tree, preferably in written form, then they could be considered liable for your car being damaged, and their home insurance policy may help cover it1

OTIP is here to help you understand how insurance coverage works in different situations. When in doubt, call your insurance broker! To learn more about comprehensive coverage, contact an OTIP Insurance broker at 1-800-267-6847.

1.    George Johnson Insurance

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