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An online tool to start FeelingBetterNow®

Built by mental health professionals, FeelingBetterNow® (FBN), is an online mental health platform that provides mental health assessment and personalized action plans for members who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

Available 24/7, eligible OTIP members can use FeelingBetterNow® to assess their mental health privately anytime anywhere.  

With the focus on early identification and action on mental health in the workplace, members will get the right care at the right time. FBN provides an immediate collaborative action plan for the identified problem and risk level. The action plan will integrate all areas of care: self-help, psychosocial and medical.

Every person is different and manages their mental health in their own way. Your FBN plan is no exception and each action plan is personalized to your individual needs.

Watch the video, how to use FeelingBetterNow®, to learn more.

Did you know that OTIP members have access to resources that provide mental health support during times of need? Although many of these resources are not new offerings, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven them to be invaluable resource during these challenging times. Visit our mental health resources to learn more.


As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we continue to provide you with plan information and resources. For more information on mental health resources or to access frequently asked questions regarding your benefits plan and COVID-related changes, visit

If you are an OTIP member, you may be eligible to access FBN. To learn more about how FBN can help you, visit

You can also check your benefits booklet to see which service providers are covered by your plan to support your mental health. If you need more information, that is not already covered in your benefits booklet or online, contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

If feelings of stress and anxiety continue, contact your health-care provider or your local public health unit for mental health resources and support.

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