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Apps to help you on your commute

Whether you ride to work on a bus, train, or drive your own set of wheels, commuting can be stressful and time consuming. Relieving this stress can help you prepare, or unwind from a long day. Believe it or not, there are apps you can download on your smartphone that can help! Check out the following apps to discover new ways to relieve stress and improve your commute.

Apps that get you where you need to go

Gas Buddy

This app grants you visibility of all nearby gas stations and their prices. It provides alerts about coming price hikes, and lets you consistently find the cheapest fuel in your area. If that wasn’t enough, Gas Buddy can also track your car’s motions to warn you of driving habits that waste fuel. You can even see the deals of nearby convenience stores, helping you save on items that you might need during your trip. Gas Buddy is a free app; it even has a card service which can save you money at the pump!

Never worry about finding a parking space again with Parkopedia on hand! Parkopedia has listings on 60 million parking spaces in 8,000 cities all over the world. Not only are you likely to find a parking lot in your area, you will also get directions to the parking lot, see the lot prices and hours, and see real-time updates of parking space availability. The app also allows you to sort parking lots by price, accepted payment methods, and whether the lot is covered. Parkopedia helps take the stress out of finding a parking space. 

There are many mapping services available for your smartphone, but Waze is an app that is packed full of features and deserves a special look. Not only does it plan your route, it instantly updates your path to avoid obstacles such as accidents or traffic jams. Waze also alerts you of delays to make initial planning as easy and informed as possible. Waze even gives you easy access to your music or other listening material, so you never have to leave the app, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. The Waze app is free, and is an excellent companion for your daily commute.

Apps to keep you entertained 


This audiobook-centric app has over 100,000 titles to choose from, making it an incredible marketplace for some great listening material. As the world’s forefront producer of downloadable audiobooks, Audible will always have a title that catches your eye – or rather, your ear. Audible can liven up even the dullest commute with its expansive literary collection.

A meditation app with a unique twist, Buddhify organizes your meditations by your mood or activities. The app has a category for travelling, among others, and any meditation session can help you take a deep breath and de-stress. While it is not recommended that you listen to the meditations while driving, they’re perfect to play right before you hit the road, or if you are taking public transit. If you have Android or iOS, Buddhify will help you loosen up and take a deep breath. 

Spotify is a popular music app offering a wide variety of songs, community made playlists, and music suggestions based on your personality and listening history. Spotify has over 50 million songs, meaning that you will never run out of things to listen to on your commute. If music is not your thing, Spotify also grants you access to numerous podcasts as well. Spotify has a well rounded and easily accessible well of listening material that can lighten the mood on any long drive.

It isn’t all about the apps
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