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Benefit reminders

You may be wondering about your benefits coverage as a member who is participating in the Employee Life and Health Trust, or a newly eligible member. Here are some things to consider:

Update your preferred email address, so you won’t miss important information about your benefits coverage and plan. Not getting our messages? If you entered your personal email address as the preferred email address, please add OTIP to your contacts or safe senders list. This will make sure that our emails are sent to your Inbox, not to your junk/spam folder.

Use My Benefits to manage your benefits coverage. Once you have logged in, you can:

Log in to My Claims to:


Submit your health and dental claim via: (1) online, (2) mailing your completed Extended Health Benefits Claim Form or Standard Dental Claim, or (3) your provider who may be able to do it electronically. You have one year from the date you receive a service to submit a claim through your plan. Always keep your receipts!

NOTE: If you no longer have benefits coverage under the Employee Life and Health Trust Benefits Plan due to retirement or your contract ending, you have 90-calendar days to submit your claim.

Update your coverage within 31 calendar days if:

  • Your family status has changed, or you had a recent life event (i.e. increase in FTE, birth/adoption of a child, marriage/divorce, spouse gains/loses their benefits plan). If you do not update your coverage within 31 calendar days, proof of good health (evidence of insurability) may be required to enroll and/or add an eligible family member to your plan.

  • Your work status has changed.

    • If you have started a new permanent position or an eligible long-term occasional (LTO) teaching position, you will receive an email to enrol in your group benefits plan. This email will be sent to you once OTIP receives your work status information from your school board/employer. It may take a few weeks to update your information in our systems. The good news is, your benefits will be effective on the date of your eligible position!

      • If you do not receive an enrolment email from OTIP within four weeks of your start date, please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

      • You will have 31 calendar days from the date you receive your email from OTIP to complete your enrolment. If you do not complete your enrolment within 31 calendar days, you will be set up with the default coverage determined by the rules laid out in the plan. The default coverage may be minimal, or in some cases, result in no coverage.

With these reminders, you will have the benefits coverage you and your family need when you need it!

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Benefit reminders


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