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Continued support and services with virtual health care

The need for virtual health care has rapidly increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But virtual care is not new to Ontarians.

In November 2019, Ontario announced its Digital First for Health strategy to bring care into the 21st century and help end hallway health care. The strategy aimed to improve care by providing increased choice, convenience and accessibility for Ontarians. This means being able to choose how you receive care and control over how you access your health information. 

With virtual care, you can:

  • Book your appointments online

  • Access your health-care providers and virtual care options at a convenient time

  • Increase ease of access to your health information for things like prescriptions

Virtual health care is designed to help you get the care you need, where you need it without the long wait of traditional in-person visits.

Amid COVID-19, you can expect that some service providers will continue to offer virtual care appointments. During these appointments, you can expect to discuss your health-related symptoms, treatment options and progress.

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Virtual care appointments will be covered under your group benefits plan, provided the practitioner is:

  • Normally covered as an in-person practitioner under your plan
  • ​Licensed and registered in the province in which they are practicing
  • Providing services within the scope of the provider’s license
  • Practicing within the guidelines of their governing body (i.e. service by phone or other electronic device is approved by the practitioner’s governing board)

NOTE: Some medical conditions are not suitable for virtual care. Speak to your health-care provider to determine what virtual care options are available for you.
You can also visit to access our Help Centre, convenient digital tools and resources to support you, including how to submit a claim and where to find your benefits booklet to see the products and services you have coverage for.

For more information on virtual care, visit: how to navigate a virtual care visit: patient guide published by the Canadian Medical Association.

Questions? We’re here for you. Contact Benefit Services at 1-866-783-6847.

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