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Exciting enhancements to My Claims!

Based on feedback from our plan members, improvements to the Submit a claim process in My Claims are ensuring that making your claim online is easier and more convenient.

The Submit a claim improvements include the following:

  1. Review available coverage balances on the My Claims home page to see how much you have already processed for dental, paramedical and/or vision claims. You can also see what you have left available through your plan. These balances will also be available in step 3 of submitting an online claim.
  2. Select a service provider type quicker and easier in a drop-down list grouped by type. They will now be organized under main categories including Dental, Health, Paramedical and Other.
  3. Search for your service provider with the added search tool, allowing you to search for your provider by entering the province of service, as well as one other piece of information from the list (such as phone number, postal code or registration number).
  4. Pick your Service Date using the calendar date picker when you submit a claim.
  5. Submit claims above the daily allowable limit. To continue to submit your claims once a daily limit has been reached, you can scan and attach the necessary receipt(s). To make it even easier for you, an attachments box will appear. (NOTE: Members are required to keep their receipts for one year.)

Claims now eligible for online submission

Another exciting enhancement to My Claims is the ability to submit even more types of claims online. By uploading photos of your receipts, the new Medical equipment or service not listed category in online claims allows you to now submit claims for:

  • medical equipment and supplies
  • hospital expenses
  • ambulance expenses – under the Health drop-down menu
  • diagnostic fees – under the Health drop-down menu
  • emergency expenses from outside your province (or outside Canada)

Manulife, the insurance carrier, reserves the right to assess all claims manually or request additional information such as receipts or documentation. With this in mind, please retain all receipts for one year whether you are submitting online or manually.

Log in to My Claims today and explore the new enhancements to online claims!

  News and Updates

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