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Facing cancer together with CAREpath

A cancer diagnosis can be a traumatic, confusing and overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, it is not a rare occurrence and little guidance is available to help people navigate Canada’s complex health-care system. Too many families feel lost as they try to understand the treatment options or the results of medical tests. Doctors’ appointments are often too short for patients to get the answers they need or they’re not sure what questions to ask in the first place.

Patients need expert help from someone with deep knowledge of cancer care and the health-care system, to answer questions, simplify the medical jargon and provide personalized support, from diagnosis to recovery.

That’s where CAREpath comes in.

A partner in cancer care

When members call the confidential service, they are connected to a highly skilled “nurse navigator” who becomes the member’s sole point of contact; so there’s no need to repeat the details of their case with each call.

CAREpath empowers patients to feel better, get stronger and back to living their lives
Karen McDonald, a nurse navigator

Nurse navigators review medical records and work together with the patient, their family and health professionals. They answer questions about the patient’s specific type of cancer, treatments and test results. They help patients and caregivers prepare for doctors’ appointments, even providing lists of questions to ask.

The nurses also offer suggestions to minimize side-effects, promote recovery and prevent disease recurrence. If additional expertise is needed, they can consult CAREpath’s extended team of health professionals including CAREpath’s Medical Advisory Board, dietitians and social workers. Some patients are concerned that they’ll upset their doctors by seeking CAREpath’s guidance. On the contrary, the support of a nurse navigator is a powerful complement to what patients receive in the public health system. These nurses can also advocate for patients, bringing their concerns to the attention of doctors and clinics.

Equally as important and essential, nurse navigators provide emotional support and counselling, helping patients and their loved ones through the ups and downs of the cancer journey.

OTIP celebrates a 10-year partnership with CAREpath

Throughout the entire cancer navigation process, there is no cost to you or your immediate family as this is one of the many value-adds that OTIP offers.

For a partner in cancer care, call CAREpath at 1-800-290-5106.

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