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My Benefits vs. My Claims

As a member of an Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) benefits plan, chances are you are familiar with My Claims and My Benefits once you’ve logged into OTIP’s secure member site.

But did you know that My Benefits and My Claims are two different systems that help you to manage your benefits coverage and claims information? Each system has a different purpose.

Here is a comparison:



You can use it to


An administrative system that manages your benefits and premium costs.

My Benefits is a partnership between OTIP and the ELHT. You use this tool to enrol into the benefits plan and manage your coverage and what premiums you are responsible for paying (if applicable).


A claims system where you can submit your claims for reimbursement.

My Claims is a
partnership between OTIP and Manulife (the insurer). This means the information in My Claims is the claims you submit and the status of your claims.

Because the two systems serve different purposes, it means when you change your email address in one system, you may not have the same email address in the other system. Therefore, if you wish to use the same email address for both systems, you will need to change your email address in both.

Do you need to change your mailing address, name or date of birth?

Your personal information is provided to OTIP by your employer. You will need to contact your employer to update your information if it changes. You will not be able to update your new address, name change, or date of birth in My Benefits or My Claims.

Since this new information will be sent to OTIP by your employer, this change may take up to 10 business days before it is reflected in My Benefits and My Claims.

Who is the ELHT, OTIP and the Claims Payer/Insurer?

Plan sponsor:

ELHT Board of Trustees

Manages and governs the Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) benefits plan

  • The trustees manage the ELHT benefits plan in the best interests of members, and make plan design, funding, administrative and investment decisions on their behalf.

Plan administrator:


Administers the ELHT benefits plan

  • OTIP can help members with questions about enrolment, eligibility, benefits, costs/premiums, and claims for life, health and dental care.

  • OTIP also manages and processes life and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance claims, and waiver of life insurance premiums on behalf of the insurer.

Claims payer/Insurer:


Teachers Life

Manulife underwrites and issues life insurance policies, and pays health and dental claims on behalf of the ELHT.

Teachers Life is the insurer of the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit.

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