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OTIP supports diversity at Pride

Over 35 years ago Pride Toronto was formed based on four core values: freedom, love, expression and understanding – which continues to thrive today! Pride weekend invites people to come together and celebrate accomplishments within the LGTQB+ community and creates a space for people of all ages to express who they really are and show support.

Last year, OTIP had a booth all weekend where we handed out colourful rainbow stickers and waterless tattoos of our OTIP Pride logo to everyone who passed by. Despite the rain, on the day of the parade 30+ employees and their loved ones showed up to represent OTIP! We were thrilled to be a part of the two-day event, and to witness the enthusiasm and support from not only our team, but also many members of the education community.

This year, OTIP is changing things up and we are turning our standard booth into a photo booth complete with a colourful backdrop and rainbow props. Be sure to stop by, say hi to our team and take a photo to show off your Pride spirit!

To learn more about how you can get involved and all the fun things happening during Pride Toronto, visit

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