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Staycation ideas for April break 2021

With continued restrictions in place on travel and social gatherings, many Canadians are looking for ways to make the most of their April break while keeping themselves and their communities safe. 

We’ve rounded up a list of eight staycation ideas that you can safely do together at home this spring break:

Re-create the spa experience at home 

There’s nothing like a good spa day to kickstart a relaxing break. Create your own home spa by dimming the lights, playing relaxing music and drawing a warm bath or shower. Consider splurging on some luxurious bath products and adding fresh cucumber slices to glasses of ice water for the full spa experience. 

Host a virtual game night

Connect with loved ones outside your home with a virtual game night. Make your guest list, select your game (many are available online for free, like Among Us and Codenames) and choose your video call/conference service. Get your game night snacks ready and may the best player win!  

Bring your dream vacation destination to you 

Whether you were hoping to vacation in a tropical paradise or explore a foreign city, you can get creative at home to recreate the experience. Let your imagination run wild with décor, cuisine, music and more. From an evening in Paris to a Hawaiian luau, the possibilities are endless. 

Put on a play 

Choose from one of the many royalty-free play scripts available online or write your own! Assign a role to each member of your family and rehearse your play over the course of the break. Have fun creating costumes and props out of materials you have at home. Once you’re ready for showtime, invite family members and friends to attend virtually or record the production to watch together later.  

Map out an outdoor explorer expedition

With so much time spent indoors over the past year, it’s important to get outside when you can. Look up a map of your neighbourhood and plan out a new walking, hiking or biking trail. Families with young children may enjoy turning their outdoor excursion into an adventure story. Imagine that the moment you step from the threshold of your home you’re exploring an undiscovered fairy tale land – get creative with it! 

Organize a baking or cooking showdown

A father and daughter lean down to smell a sheet of freshly baked cookies that just came out of the oven.Re-create your favourite baking or cooking competition show at home. Whether you choose a Great Canadian Baking Show-inspired “showstopper round” or an Iron Chef “secret ingredient” challenge, this is a fun – and delicious – activity for all ages. Younger children should be paired with an adult to help them in the kitchen. 

Plan a week of themed dinners

To make family dinners more exciting, try setting a unique theme each night. Theme your dinners around your dream vacation destinations, your family’s favourite movies or books, fantasy worlds and other fun ideas. Work together on planning the menu, décor and outfits for each night so everyone can get involved. 

Turn your living room into a movie theatre

Whether it’s your family’s favourite movie or a new release available to rent on your preferred streaming platform, you can transform any regular movie night into the full movie theatre experience at home. Set your showtimes and snack bar menu, craft your own tickets and turn down all the lights. Remember – all cellphones and electronic devices should be turned off while the movie is playing!

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