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Take control of your mental well-being with these mood-boosting tips

With a changing world around us, it’s important to find simple and fun ways to boost your mood that helps you take care of your mental and physical health! Here are some ways to help you create an easy and simple wellness routine at home.

Move for your mood

When it comes to your well-being, there’s an easy way to lift your spirits that’s within everyone’s grasp: get moving!
Getting active is one of the most beneficial things you can do to promote sustainable mental health. And you don’t need to jog to get all the great benefits of being active. Small to moderate amounts of exercise like yoga, dancing, stretching, or going for a walk can help you cope with stress, reduce anxiety and depression, increase self-esteem and can help to prevent mental health issues.
Try getting active outdoors with your kids, your pet, your friends, or family. People report more enthusiasm and pleasure after having been active outdoors.

Connect through cooking

Food is just one of the ways we care for ourselves and others, and can help to improve our self-esteem, self-care, and curb negative thinking. When we cook for others, like family, friends, or a neighbour, it can also help to increase feelings of social connection.
Consider baking something that brings you joy for your family or a neighbour. It can be helpful to think of cooking as fun family time – a chance for you to get creative, messy and build a stronger connection with loved ones. Your recipe doesn’t need to be hard, just have fun! 


We know it is not easy to “unplug” from your devices but sometimes you need to disconnect to stay connected. Turn off all electronics (cell phone, TV, computer) for one hour a day and do something for yourself – read a book, play a board game with the family, or start that DIY project you’ve been meaning to do.
Give yourself time to enjoy something that energizes you without any interruptions.
After you have tried some of these mood-boosting strategies, check in with yourself. How do you feel? Which is your favourite?

Did you know: In partnership with Starling Minds, your affiliate and Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT), the Starling Minds program can support you with managing stress, anxiety, burnout and depression.
This self-guided, private, online program is available to you 24/7 and is designed to provide tools to improve your mental well-being.
To get started with Starling Minds, go to to register. Enter your access code that was provided to you. When asked “Where do you work,” you can select the name of the division/affiliate that you are associated with.

We understand that the tips and strategies we have provided here may not be enough to manage through difficult times. As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we continue to provide you with plan information and resources. Visit to access frequently asked questions regarding your benefits plan and COVID-related changes. You can also check your benefits booklet for benefits plan terms and coverage details or visit for more information on mental health resources.

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