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Why Ford trucks are the most stolen vehicles in Canada

Are you the owner of a Ford pickup truck? According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), Ford trucks have been the number one most stolen vehicle in Canada for the past two years—specifically, older models of Ford trucks. In fact, Ford F250 and F350 models from 2003 to 2007 accounted for eight of the top ten most stolen vehicles in Canada in 2019.1

There are a number of reasons why older model Ford trucks consistently top the list of Canada’s most stolen vehicles:

1.    Outdated anti-theft technology

Older vehicles don’t have the same calibre of anti-theft technology that newer models do. The electric vehicle immobilizer system, which prevents hot-wiring, was mandated in 2007 and makes post-2007 models more difficult to steal.

2. Popularity

It may seem obvious, but the more popular a vehicle is, the more of them there are to steal. Ford trucks are a popular choice among Canadian drivers. The popularity of Ford pickups, alongside their longevity, simply makes them more widely available for thieves to target.

Photo of car parts on a table.3. Value of parts

Often when a vehicle is stolen, thieves will dismantle the vehicle and sell it for parts. Since Ford trucks are so prevalent in Canada and older models are still commonly found on Canadian roads, their parts are in high demand.

4. Opportunity for additional crimes

Stolen vehicles are sometimes used to carry out additional crimes, such as break and enters and robberies. When this is the case, the vehicle is often found abandoned and severely damaged within 48 hours of its theft. Ford trucks are a popular target for thieves planning additional crimes due to their prevalence in Canada – making it harder for police to find when searching for a stolen vehicle.

5. High resell value overseas

Some thieves, particularly those involved in organized crime rings, opt to smuggle stolen Ford pickups overseas to unsuspecting international buyers. Since Ford trucks are unavailable for purchase in many international countries, they are in high demand. Thieves can often sell the stolen vehicle for several times its original market value. 

Whether or not your model of vehicle is included on the IBC’s list of most stolen vehicles, there is no guarantee that your vehicle is ever safe from the risk of theft. It is important to take precautions to safeguard your vehicle no matter what model you drive, including parking in well-lit areas and refraining from leaving your car running unattended.

The IBC estimates that vehicle theft costs Canadians upwards of $1 billion every year. In the unfortunate event that your car or truck is stolen, it’s important to ensure you have proper insurance coverage in place. Contact an OTIP insurance broker today at 1-866-561-5559 to discuss your auto coverage options.

1.    Insurance Bureau of Canada

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