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Protect what matters to you most — your loved ones

OTIP life insurance gives you additional coverage — over and above your group coverage — to protect your family today as well as ongoing protection when your group plan terminates.

Choose from four plans to meet your unique needs:



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LifePlan 100

Coverage for life
Get a lifetime of protection for your loved ones, with premiums that never rise.

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LifePlan 10

Short-term security that goes a long way
Protect your loved ones during the years they need you most, with coverage up to $1 million.

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LifePlan 20

Secure your financial investments
Get up to $1 million of protection for your family’s major investments, including your mortgage.

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Free Benefits


Most life policies include the following benefits:

Tax-free benefits
Life insurance benefits are always tax-free and payable to your beneficiaries as soon as 15 days after their claim is approved.

Coverage up to $1 million
With LifePlan 10 and LifePlan 20, you can choose up to $1 million in coverage.

Level premiums
For as long as your policy is in force, your premiums will not change.

Your coverage stays with you, even if you change jobs or retire.

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