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Be an informed shopper with My drug plan

Mandatory generic substitution will work best if you are an informed consumer, just like shopping for anything. This plan feature helps manage plan costs by reimbursing the cost of your prescription drug up to the price of the lowest-priced alternative medication, which is typically a “generic” drug. If the drug you are prescribed is a “brand-name drug,” and there is no alternative or interchangeable drug, your plan will continue to reimburse your prescription based on the level of the brand-name drug.

When your doctor prescribes a drug and your pharmacist fills the prescription, let them know that your plan may only reimburse the cost of the lowest priced alternative. This will provide you the best value for your dollar, while helping to manage the overall cost of your health benefits plan.

My drug plan is a user-friendly online tool with a drug lookup feature that will let you know if a brand drug has a generic that is lower cost. This is a great tool to help you manage your out-of-pocket expense especially if you have a mandatory generic drug plan. You will also have access to a drug library and be notified if a drug is subject to prior authorization.

To use My drug plan, visit and select your plan from the drop-down menu and log in.

My drug plan

If you have any questions regarding your mandatory generic substitution drug plan, please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

(Prescription drugs – why pay more than you have to? Manulife GC2629E, 06/15)

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