Manage your mental health

Starling Minds and OTIP are celebrating a thriving milestone! Over 10,000 OTIP members are using the Starling Minds Mental Fitness Program to better manage their mental health.

Starling Minds’ goal is simple: To help members manage their stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression - no matter what their day looks like. 

Starling Minds offers comprehensive, confidential online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) before symptoms of burnout, anxiety, and depression escalate. This tool offers 24/7 training sessions, self-guided exercises, and a confidential community that understands the experience of living with mental illness. Without stigma and in the comfort of your safe space.   

What are Starling Minds users saying? 

  • 90% of Starling Minds users agree that the platform has supported their mental health. 

  • 76% of members have experienced an improvement in their mental health. 

  • 62% improvement in depression scores among Starling Minds users 

All OTIP members, including RTIP, Home, Auto, and Life Insurance customers have complimentary access to this program!

Get started on your wellbeing journey today with Starling Minds! 

Here are your access codes to get started:

  • OTIP members/customers: member
  • Eligible family members: familymember
    (for eligible family members, e.g. spouse, child age 16+)


Mental Health Resources

Looking for services, tools or resources? We’ve put together a list of resources to help connect you with the resources you need.

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