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RTIPLogo.pngRTIP Dental Coverage

You can add dental coverage to any RTIP plan. RTIP’s dental plan covers regular examinations and preventive care in addition to many more substantial procedures. Reimbursement is based on the current year’s Ontario Dental Association fee guide for general practitioners.

Note: You must be enrolled in an RTIP health plan in order to add dental coverage.

Single $71.91
Couple $142.32
Family $173.92
PST and HST do not apply

Coverage includes:

Basic preventive and restorative services
80% coverage for dental examinations, extractions, fillings, X-rays, periodontal scaling combined with root planing up to 12 units of time, cleaning and preventative procedures with no overall maximum. Coverage for recall examinations is limited to nine months from the last appointment.

Comprehensive Basic Services
80% coverage for root canals (endodontics), gum disease treatments (periodontics) and repairs, rebasing and relining of upper and lower dentures, up to a combined annual maximum of $850.

Major Dental Services
50% coverage for crowns, bridges, implants and dentures, to a combined annual maximum of $750.

No penalty
You may add dental coverage to your plan at any time. If you purchase or add this coverage at a later date, there is no penalty or restriction period before you can claim full benefits. The only requirement is that you remain enrolled for at least 12 months after adding dental care to your plan. If you decide to cancel your dental coverage after the minimum 12-month requirement, you must wait 24 months before you can repurchase this benefit.

Terms and conditions of coverage apply.


To apply for health coverage, or health and dental coverage, call us at



If you are an active RTIP member, please email for support on your current coverage. Please note: all change requests must be made in writing.

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