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Mental health check in

We have shared tips on how to cope with anxiety, the importance of sleep, and OTIP partners to help support members through their wellness journey. Now it’s time to check in on your mental health.

There are a variety of resources and techniques available to monitor your mental wellbeing. This includes a variety of online resources, such as the opportunity to take a series of quick tests to help determine ‘mental fitness’. Understanding the characteristics that make up good mental health can help you balance all aspects of your life.

Overall life balance

There are many factors that contribute to your overall life balance. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you living in the present and enjoying life as it comes?

  • How well do you bounce back after hearing bad news?

  • Do you spend enough time relaxing and recharging your energy?

Tracking your balance and asking yourself these types of question is an excellent way to be mindful of your mental health.


The Canadian Mental Health Association is a great resource for all things related to mental health. The Mental Health Meter is quick, efficient and provides tips on how to improve your mental state.

Looking for online mental wellbeing support? Our Wellness partners are here to support you every step of the way. Learn more here: .

  News and Updates