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Reporting benefits fraud

Health and dental benefits fraud is a real crime with real consequences, but people may not understand how it can affect them on a personal level.

The Fraud = Fraud campaign, created by the Canadian Health and Life Insurance Association (CHLIA), looks to educate Canadians about benefits fraud. The better you understand how to recognize it, the more equipped you are to refuse it and report it.

How YOU can safeguard your benefits plan

Understanding your benefits and how to use them appropriately can help you recognize and safeguard yourself against potential fraud. Here’s how:

  • Familiarize yourself with your benefits plan and the limits of your coverage

  • Keep your personal benefits plan information in a safe place and don’t lend your benefits card to anyone else

  • Be sure you understand the treatments, services, and products being prescribed to you -- don’t be afraid to ask questions

  • Check that the explanation of benefits (EOB) and receipts provided by your insurer contain accurate information about the services or products you received

  • If you notice anything suspicious, alert your Employee Life and Health Trust, OTIP and/or your insurer

Benefits fraud affects everyone, and it’s our shared responsibility to report it when we see it. If you suspect that someone you know or a service provider may be committing fraud, you can report it to your Employee Life and Health Trust, OTIP, your insurer, or anonymously.

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Do you suspect fraud?
If you wish to report suspected fraud, please use the telephone number or links below to provide a tip directly to the individual insurer.

For members of the Employee Life and Health Trusts (ELHT) and OTIP:
For members of the CUPE Education Workers’ Benefits Trust only:
Canada Life


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