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If you have Extended Health Care under your benefits plan and live in Canada, you are covered for eligible medical emergency expenses while travelling Out-of-province/Out-of-country.

Your Extended Health Care benefits plan coverage provides for treatment required due to an unforeseen, unexpected medical emergency that occurs during the first 60 days while you or your eligible family member is temporarily outside your province of residence. The patient receiving the treatment must be covered under the Extended Health Care benefit.

This coverage may include expenses for eligible physician and ambulance services, hospital accommodation, trip interruption/delay, and other types of hospital-related fees.


Coverage for out of province


While many people believe their provincial government health insurance plans (e.g., OHIP, RAMQ, etc.) will cover them when they leave their home province, the truth is that these plans have limits. Even within Canada, if you have an accident or become ill while visiting another province, not all the costs associated with your medical care are covered by your provincial government health plan.

If you and/or your eligible family member(s) is travelling between provinces and requires in-patient emergency medical treatment (i.e., ward hospital accommodation, in-hospital care), there will be no charge to the patient.

For any other out-patient services (e.g,. physician's fees), you can contact Allianz for assistance and/or payments.


Coverage for out of country


For travel outside of Canada, your government health insurance plan covers only limited amounts of the cost if you are to receive emergency health services while in another country.  Visit Government of Ontario website for OHIP coverage while outside of Canada to see what is/is not covered when travelling to other provinces, territories or outside of the country.


The ELHT Out-of-Province/Out-of-Country coverage does NOT:


There is a lifetime maximum per person for emergency medical treatment. It’s important to check your benefits booklet to review your specific plan details and coverage eligibility. 

NOTE: There is no guarantee of coverage for a pre-diagnosed medical condition or a pre-diagnosed condition within the medically stable period. It is important to contact OTIP before you travel. Claims are assessed at the time of claim and based on the information provided at that time.

Do you need additional travel coverage?  
If you need to purchase additional travel insurance coverage to ‘pick up’ where your benefits plan leaves off (e.g. trips that extend past 60 days), OTIP has partnered with 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited and Allianz Global Assistance to give you exclusive rates and comprehensive coverage, wherever and whenever you need it.  

If you have questions about your travel coverage, please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847. 

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