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Check your benefits booklet for details on your travel coverage.


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OTIP has partnered with 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited to give you exclusive rates and comprehensive coverage, wherever and whenever you need it. Get coverage that picks up where your group coverage leaves off or standalone coverage if you don’t have group coverage.

Explore the advantages of enhanced travel protection through OTIP.


Employee benefits plan travel coverage


If your benefits are provided through your employee benefits plan, details of your travel coverage can be found in the benefits booklet under the Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada section that covers topics such as:

  • Emergency Travel Assistance
  • Medical Emergency Assistance
  • Non-Medical Assistance
  • Health Advice and Assistance
  • How to Access Emergency Travel Assistance - Your Benefits Card

RTIP/ARM travel coverage


If you are an RTIP/ARM plan member, details of your travel coverage can be found on our website or in your benefits booklet under Part C: Deluxe Travel Benefits section that covers topics such as:

  • Definitions
  • Emergency and Payment Assistance
  • Eligible Expenses
  • Eligible Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Assistance Services
  • Automatic Extension of Coverage
  • Exclusions

Add ons


Coverage for your dependent children while they are travelling
Protect your dependent children while they are travelling, temporarily working abroad, or attending a foreign school.

Health coverage for visitors to Canada
Hosting visitors from abroad? Protect them in case they need emergency medical help.

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