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Keeping your motorcycle on the road

Driving a motorcycle can be an enjoyable, even exciting experience, but it can also be dangerous. you hit the open road this season, let’s review the steps you should take to stay safe.

New pilot program offers $25,000 in grants for students

We’re teaming up with education leaders and students across Ontario to make a positive impact on the mental health crisis amongst youth.   

Dealing with Cravings

Cravings are convincing. Be it for chocolate, a drink, a vape or something else, cravings can change the way our brain functions. It’s important that we understand cravings are a normal, natural, expected part of the change process when someone tries to shift their relationship with substances.

8 tips to help you advocate for your health

If you have a health condition, taking an active role in managing your health is crucial for not only controlling your condition, but also enhancing your well-being.

9 ways to celebrate mental wellness

One of the best ways to break the stigma around mental illness is to celebrate mental wellness. Here are nine different ways you can promote and celebrate mental health at home and at work. 

Be prepared for an emergency

Did you know that natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity? Whether it’s wildfires, tornados, ice storms, or hurricanes, disasters can strike anytime and anywhere. Increase your family’s emergency preparedness with these four steps.

10 items you need in your emergency car kit

Since the first full week of May is Emergency Preparedness Week, it’s a great reminder to re-stock your 72-hour emergency car kit. It’s essential to have one even when you least expect the worst to happen. Here, we’ll detail what items should be in your kit to ensure you’re prepared.

Life insurance and conversion options when employment ends

If you have coverage under an employee group benefits plan, you or your plan sponsor pay premiums for life insurance. But do you know what type of life insurance you have and what happens to your coverage when your employment ends? 

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