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Get more from your home insurance with the Education Extra Package

The Education Extra Package is available exclusively through OTIP. It can be added to your home, condo or tenant insurance to increase your personal property coverage, including the items you leave in your classroom.

Resisting rust: How to protect your vehicle from rust damage

Canadian winters are known for being harsh, especially when it comes to vehicles. The snowy, wet climate and exposure to road salt are all significant contributors to rust damage. While road salt helps drivers get safely from one place to the next by keeping streets clear of ice and snow, repeated exposure can leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust. If not correctly taken care of, rust can cause significant damage to your vehicle and pose serious safety risks.

Shop safely online this holiday season

Online shopping has become a big part of many Canadians' lives. As an online shopper, you get to avoid checkout lines, scout for the best prices and shop whenever you want – all from the comfort of your home. But the convenience of online shopping comes with the growing risk of scams that impact consumers well after their credit card bill is due.

Together we can protect your benefits plan

It is the shared responsibility of you and your Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) to protect your benefits. 

Tips for rolling out your winter tires

Changing your tires at the right time will save you money and get you more mileage per set. Switching them out twice a year can feel like a hassle, but it’s well worth it for your wallet and safety. The last thing you want is to make a car insurance claim for an accident that winter tires could have prevented.

Winter driving safety tips you need to know

Anyone who’s ever spent a winter in Canada knows how daunting winter driving can be – especially if the roads are covered in snow, ice, or slush. While there’s no way to stop the Canadian winters from coming, there are some winter driving safety tips you can follow to keep you, your vehicle, and your passengers safe this winter. After all, it’s better to prevent an accident than to recover from one.

Wellness is more than a hashtag

Wellness is more than just a term or social media hashtag.  

And while it is often confused with terms like health, well-being and happiness, it is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

How to break the cycle of stress and bad sleep

Research has shown that there is a close connection between stress and sleep. For some of you this can feel like a vicious cycle.

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