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Three ways to boost your health before travelling

Your passport is up to date, the flight is booked, your suitcase is out and ready to be packed, but what about your pre-vacation health? To help you stay healthy and have a safe trip, we have put together a list of wellness tips you can incorporate into your daily routine. 

OTIP featured by Benefits Canada for adding a pharmacy role in the disability claims process

A recent Benefits Canada article features OTIP for an innovative initiative in which a pharmacy consultant was added to the Group Life and Disability Claims department.

Don’t get “wheeled” into a staged car accident

March is insurance fraud prevention month. It’s the perfect time to learn about one of the most common types of auto insurance fraud: staged collisions. And, more importantly, what you can do to lower your risk of being a victim and help fight fraud.

How to protect yourself from restoration fraud

No homeowner ever wants to find damage to their home following an extreme weather event or other disaster. In these situations, it is important to quickly find a reputable contractor to help you clean up and restore your home so you can get back to where you started. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters ready to take advantage of these circumstances.

Global disruptions leading to insurance claim delays and rate increases across Ontario

Why is there such a wait for new cars? What is causing my property insurance rate to increase? How come it’s taking so long get new parts and materials?

Learn more about how the global supply chain disruptions are affecting the Canadian home and auto industry, and your insurance.

Taking a (spring) break on drinking: the new guidelines on alcohol and health

Where do we draw the line for risk when it comes to consuming substances such as alcohol?

Fighting Fraud

Since fraudsters continue to find more sophisticated ways of tricking Canadians out of their money, it’s vital that you stay informed on how you can fight fraud and keep yourself, your family, and your money safe.

The biggest health risks every person should know about

What are the biggest health risks facing Ontarians today – and what should we be most concerned about? 

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