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See you there! OTIP at Toronto's 2023 Pride Festival

On June 25, OTIP will be at the Toronto Pride Festival. We invite everyone to come by and say hi, take photos at our colourful photo booth, and grab some fun Pride swag!

10 summer wellness tips for healthier living

Learn how to enjoy your time off this summer while maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and your mental health with these wellness tips.

Travelling this summer? Make sure you have the coverage you need.

Understand how to protect yourself and your family if you’re planning a vacation this summer by reviewing your coverage.

Caution light crashes: Who’s at fault?

A caution light, also known as an amber or yellow light, warns drivers that a red light is about to appear. This means the driver should stop if safe to do so; otherwise, proceed with caution. But what happens when a driver’s choice to proceed through an amber light results in a collision?

The ultimate guide to accident forgiveness

If you have a spotless driving record, the thought of a potential increase in your premiums caused by your first collision can be stressful. This is where accident forgiveness coverage can offer peace of mind.

Tips for fireworks safety, plus know the law and your liability

Fireworks aren’t toys – they’re dangerous explosives that should be handled carefully. If you choose to hold a fireworks display this Victoria Day long weekend, it’s important that you respect local laws and follow our safety tips for a memorable but safe experience.

Your T4A Questions Answered

Looking for answers to your T4A questions? We put together answers for the most popular questions covering all things T4As.

Mental health check in

Over the past few months, we have shared tips on how to cope with anxiety, the importance of sleep, and OTIP partners to help eligible members through difficult times. Now it’s time to check in on your mental health.

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