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Stress Management: 5 Proven Steps to Overcome Feelings of Stress

Being in a constant state of stress can interfere with our ability to sleep, relax, function, and enjoy life. It can also cause us to develop chronic conditions.

Safe driving tips to reduce distracted driving

Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, now’s the ideal time to explore safe driving tips that protect everyone on the road.

Feeling the spring-cleaning itch? Tidy up your home with these tips!

Giving your home a thorough refresh after a bleak winter will energize you with that sense of accomplishment in time for a relaxing summer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get going.

Plan for a great boating season

Are you among the millions of Canadians itching to get their personal watercraft out of winter storage and back onto the water? Here are some tips to help you make the most of the boating season – not to mention keep everyone on board safe during your adventures.

Car theft is a huge industry. Is your vehicle a target?

Did you know Canada’s auto theft industry is a $1 billion business? According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a vehicle is stolen every six minutes in Canada. Knowing whether your vehicle has landed on Canada’s top 10 stolen cars can help you assess your risk level and determine preventative measures.

Does home insurance cover mould damage?

Mould is a common enemy of Canadian homeowners. It poses a severe health risk and can significantly damage your home, making it expensive to repair. As a homeowner, understanding how to purify your indoor air and keep your family and visitors healthy is essential.

Three ways to boost your health before travelling

Your passport is up to date, the flight is booked, your suitcase is out and ready to be packed, but what about your pre-vacation health?

OTIP featured by Benefits Canada for adding a pharmacy role in the disability claims process

A recent Benefits Canada article features OTIP for an innovative initiative in which a pharmacy consultant was added to the Group Life and Disability Claims department.

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