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Retiring? What about your benefits?

Here’s what you need to know about retirement and your benefits coverage.

OTIP at Toronto Pride 2022

On June 25-26, OTIP will be at the Street Fair and the parade. We invite everyone to come by and say hi, take photos at our colourful photo booth, and grab some fun Pride swag!

3 ways to safely tow a car behind your RV

With so many places to explore, an RV might not be your only choice of vehicle to explore a city, visit restaurants, and day trip. Learn how you can tow your car around on your next trip.

Catalytic converter theft: What is it and what can you do to prevent it

With an alarming rise in catalytic converter theft across Canada, we are here to help you protect your vehicle with these prevention tips.

Renovations that you should call your insurance broker about

With so many pieces in motion – getting contractor quotes, shopping for material or meeting with designers – talking to your insurance broker may be an afterthought during a renovation. Learn what you should speak to your broker about in this article.

What it means to total your car

Ever wondered what it means to total your car? Learn more about the different types vehicles are branded in Canada in our latest article.

Everyday empathy

Empathy can help us know ourselves and our feelings. It can help us lead, communicate, support and connect with others. Learn four ways to practice empathy every day.

Impact of climate change on home insurance

There are steps homeowners can take to protect their homes from extreme weather conditions. Learn how you can protect yours today.

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