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​Life events and your benefits coverage

Life is full of change. Marriage, babies, divorce and even the loss of a loved one can not only impact our day-to-day lives, but also our benefits coverage.

Welcome to Your Benefits!

Welcome to the first edition of Your Benefits! This new e-newsletter is designed to provide you with relevant and meaningful information about your group benefits plan. We know how important benefits coverage is to you and your family, and we are here to help!

Win $1,500 towards tuition from the OTIP Bursary Program

Do you know a student who could use an extra $1,500 for tuition? They could win a bursary from OTIP!

RTIP’s health insurance plans – Great choices, coverage and flexibility

RTIP offers three health, dental and travel insurance plans to choose from, with different prescription drug maximums and the freedom to increase or decrease your coverage at your next renewal.

The importance of continued mental fitness to avoid mental illness

By being proactive, we can combat physical and mental illnesses and often prevent conditions from worsening--and sometimes from developing (or redeveloping) all together.

Happy Heart Month!

February is Heart Month. Here’s how to prevent heart disease, what signs and symptoms to look for, and five tips for living your healthiest life.

Physical activity and cancer prevention

Like heart disease, many Canadians are genetically predisposed to certain cancers, meaning your chances of developing certain cancers are higher if they run in your family. However, prevention is still crucial.

OTIP celebrates its 40th anniversary

Take a journey with us, back through time, as we review the company’s evolution and some highlights of the last forty years.

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