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Understanding reasonable and customary limits

Understanding reasonable and customary limits, and how much you may have to pay ‘out-of-pocket’.

Travelling? Check your benefits plan travel coverage first

What you need to know about travel coverage under your benefits plan.

Lock it up!

Looking to reinforce your locks? Here are some basic and high-tech models to help you decide what kind of locks fit your needs best.

Leasing vs. buying a car: What’s best for me?

Both leasing and buying have their benefits and drawbacks, so we’ve outlined some of the key factors to consider when leasing or buying your next vehicle.

Self-driving vehicles and the future of car insurance in Canada

With the future of autonomous vehicles already here, many drivers are wondering what impact advanced vehicle technology will have on their car insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

Protect yourself from keyless auto thefts

With the rising incidents of theft in Ontario, have you ever wondered if your keyless entry vehicle is at risk?

Take control of your mental well-being with these mood-boosting tips

Take control of your mental well-being with these mood-boosting tips.

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