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Preparing for retirement? 5 tips you need to follow

Are you thinking about retiring soon? As your career comes to an end and a new phase of your life begins, you want to ensure that you’re prepared to make the most of the new opportunities and experiences that retirement brings. Follow these five tips to make sure you’re on track for a fulfilling retirement.

Three ways to boost your health before travelling

Your passport is up to date, the flight is booked, your suitcase is out and ready to be packed, but what about your pre-vacation health?

Planning for retirement when it’s ten years, five years, and one year away

Planning for retirement but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Here are some action items you can take as your retirement date draws closer.

Your RTIP transition questions answered

Have questions? We have answers!

Understand and manage your benefits with OTIP’s online resources

Did you know that OTIP has online resources to help you understand your benefits and submit claims?

Make the most of your retirement with OTIP’s retirement webinars and podcast

Are you planning for retirement? Check out OTIP’s podcast series and webinars, where you can connect with experts who will help you make the most of your retirement. Learn more.

Understanding diabetes medication management

With so many Canadians impacted by diabetes, it’s important to understand your options for managing your medications and treatment protocol.

What to consider when selecting a new pharmacy

There are many factors to consider when you’re in the market for a new pharmacist. If you’re thinking about changing pharmacies, it’s important to understand the role they play as part of your healthcare team.

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