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The RTIP member’s guide to OTIP’s online services

From RTIP plan member site registration to submitting manual claims or checking your contract, we have put together frequently asked questions to help you navigate our online services with ease.

Planning for retirement: Are you ready?

Retirement can be a remarkable time of life. To make the most of your retirement, you'll want a solid financial foundation to fund your basic needs and those extra activities you finally have time to do. But how much do you need?

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencing fraud and scam tactics?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, even if we don’t notice it in use in our everyday lives. So it’s important to know how AI can impact scams and fraud, and how to protect yourself.

Travel insurance tips that may not always be top of mind

During vacation, the last thing you’re thinking about is what could go wrong and how you can plan ahead with travel coverage. But when things arise, it’s important to understand your coverage and what to do in an emergency, aside from the basics. Here are some things to consider before your next trip!

RTIP plan member secure site update: A new way to log in

Effective August 20, all RTIP members can now use their email to log in to the RTIP plan member secure site. Learn more about updating your login information.

Prioritizing nature for good health

During the fall season, the cool and crisp air along with the vibrant colours creates the perfect environment to get moving and prioritize your physical wellness. Read more about how being outside can support better overall health!

Preparing for retirement? 5 tips you need to follow

Are you thinking about retiring soon? As your career comes to an end and a new phase of your life begins, you want to ensure that you’re prepared to make the most of the new opportunities and experiences that retirement brings. Follow these five tips to make sure you’re on track for a fulfilling retirement.

Three ways to boost your health before travelling

Your passport is up to date, the flight is booked, your suitcase is out and ready to be packed, but what about your pre-vacation health?

Planning for retirement when it’s ten years, five years, and one year away

Planning for retirement but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Here are some action items you can take as your retirement date draws closer.

Calling all RTIP members: Register your account to win!

Looking to explore Canada? You could win a VIA Rail gift card when you register your account on the new RTIP plan member secure site.

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