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Get ready for motorcycle season with these 6 safety tips

Don’t hit the road with your motorcycle without reviewing these six motorcycle safety tips! Learn more about how you can stay safe this summer.

5 ways to protect your home against spring flooding

Worried about spring flooding? Be proactive and stop water from damaging your home with these flood prevention tips.

Why Ford trucks are the most stolen vehicles in Canada

Find out why Ford trucks are the most stolen vehicle in Canada — and how you can protect your car or truck from being stolen.

The OTIP Community Fund donates $50,000 to student nutrition programs in Ontario

This year, OTIP was pleased to present a combined total of $50,000 to student nutrition programs in Ontario.

What life changes do I need to tell my auto and home insurer about?

Did you know you should notify your insurer if you renovate your home or use your car commercially? Check out these 10 life changes you need to tell your home or auto insurer about.

Four discussions to have with your partner before moving in together

Here are four conversations you should have before moving in together with your partner ​to make the transition as smooth as possible.

If I’m not at fault in a car accident, do I have to pay my deductible?

Not sure when you have to pay your deductible? Learn more about when you might not have to pay your deductible if you’re not at fault for a car accident.

How you can benefit from smart home technology

Do you want to enhance your home security, save money on your energy bills or expand your home entertainment system? Learn how smart home technology can help!

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